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Somewhere along the way it occurred to me that the most limiting factor for trips into the Great Northland might be TIME. Appropriate equipment does add to ones comfort and safety but poor equipment could be compensated for with time. Outdoor savvy certainly helps but could be replaced (to a certain degree) with time. Canoeing skills surly help but again could be substituted to a certain degree with time.

May be the one reason so few travel the North might be their lack of time in these restless days. Any trip along the shores of any river or lake north of 60 is firstly and foremost asking for your time.

Greg Allen - a paraplegic to canoe the Mackenzie River 3 times solo - initially brought this to my attention. He once wrote:

Being solo becomes a matter of time not physical ability. Rushing almost always leads to mistakes. Mistakes almost always lead to problems. Problems almost always lead to disaster in a wilderness situation. When you travel solo you can not afford any mistakes. Any mistake can be disastrous.

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