Way too much stuff.
Happy to find a group to share the (prohibitive) fly-in costs.
Image00004 Image00005 ausschnitt
Twin Otter
Brimfull - this is it - no more.
A small miracle that the spray cover is in place.
Image00008 Image00009
Shortly after leaving Horton Lake. Not much more than a small stream.
Image00010 Image00011 Image00012 Image00013 Image00014 Image00015 Image00016
Once again: trying something new. What a pain to set this outfit up.
It somewhat worked out. But black netting is to be prefered.
Image00018 Image00019 Image00021 Image00022 Image00024 Image00025 Image00026
Image00027 Image00028
Image00029 Image00030 Image00031 Image00032 Image00033 Image00067 Image00035 Image00036 Image00038
Image00041 Image00042 Image00043 Image00044 Image00045 Image00048
Erosion at work.
Image00049 Image00047 Image00050 Image00051 Image00058 Image00064
Lunch break.
Image00055 Image00056 Image00060 Image00061 Image00062 Image00063
(Green) spigot lost the day before and found way down the river by accident when bumping onto shore for a stop.
Image00066 Image00068 Image00069
Trying something new. A camp bed: awfully cumbersome. Far from a good idea. One trip only.
Hewlett Packard ipaq connected to Iridium 9505.
Image00071 Image00075 Image00076 Image00077 Image00078 Image00081 Image00082 Image00083 Image00085 Image00086 Image00087 Image00088 Image00089 Image00091 Image00092 Image00099 Image00101 Image00103 Image00104 Image00105 Image00106 Image00107 Image00111 Image00112 Image00113 Image00114
Beginning of the canyon section.
Image00115 Image00116 Image00117 Image00118 Image00119 Image00120 Image00121 Image00122 Image00123 Image00124 Image00125 Image00128 Image00130 Image00131 Image00132 Image00133 Image00134 Image00135 Image00137 Image00138 Image00139 Image00140 Image00141 Image00142 Image00143 Image00145 Image00146 Image00151 Image00150 Image00153 Image00152 Image00154 Image00156 Image00163 Image00165 Image00166 Image00167 Image00168 Image00169 Image00170 Image00171 Image00173 Image00174 Image00175 Image00176 Image00177 Image00179 Image00181 Image00182 Image00183 Image00184 Image00185 Image00186 Image00187
Bear diggings for Arctic ground squirrels.
Former squirrels?
Image00189 Image00192 Image00193 Image00194
All sorts of chemicals leaching into the river.
Image00197 Image00198 Image00200 Image00201 Image00204
Molting but fast.
Image00207 Image00208 Image00213
The famous Smoking Hills of the Horton.
Image00215 Image00216 Image00218 Image00220
Approaching Horton River mouth
Image00221 Image00223 Image00224 Image00225 Image00231 Image00232
Former Horton River bed.
Image00233 Image00234 Image00235 Image00236 Image00237 Image00238 Image00239 Image00240 Image00243
That creek is carrying cristal clear water from a backwater source.
Image00247 sat pic
Horton River mouth to Paulatuk.
Beyond the river on Franklin Bay.
Image00250 Image00252 Image00253 Image00255 Image00258 Image00259 Image00260 Image00261
No fresh water to be obtained along the shores of Franklin Bay.
Image00262 Image00352
Having difficulties to launch a collapsible canoe. You can't just drag it into the water as you would with a hard shell canoe.
Shortly after capsizing in that miniature surf.
Mother bear with 3 cubs in the distance.
Drying stuff after capsize.
Trying something else - waiting for the tide to rise.
Salt water.
Image00405 Image00407 Image00409 Image00415 Image00417
Portage time across Parry Peninsula.
Lake hopping.
Image00426 Image00500 Image00505 Image00507
Foothills Creek.
Image00512 Image00514
Proper fire wood way up north.
Image00519 Image00520
On Tasseriuk Lake.
The final (long) portage...
...with way too much stuff.
Image00525 Image00526
Darnley Bay.
Abraham Anghik Ruben's camp - digging for whalebone.
Image00530 Image00532 Image00536 Image00537
Last camp before Paulatuk.
Image00538 Image00540 Image00541 Image00543 Image00544 Image00545 Image00546 Image00547 Image00548 Image00550 Image00556 Image00553
The advantage of a collapsible canoe. Everything ready to go.
Headed for Inuvik.
Darnley Bay.
Image00562 Image00563 Image00565
Autumn colors on steroids.
The motivation to return for the Anderson River - late in the season.
Image00567 Image00568 Image00569 Image00571 Image00572 Image00573 Image00574 Image00575